Monday, March 20, 2017

Warm season running goals

  Now that it's possible to step outside without fear of slipping, falling and cracking my head open on some ice it's time to put back on the running shoes and go enjoy the sun (or rain as the case may be) again.  


  There was a time last summer when I could run 30k in a week.  It felt great to be able to run 10k every other day without feeling 100% miserable the entire time.  After a break lasting several months I am nowhere near having that kind of a base.  My plan is to start things off with a goal of 15k per week moving up 10% every week until I get to 40k a week.  I can't really see myself being able to run more than that.  At some point this summer I'll be adding regular biking and swimming into the mix.  I should probably leave time for family, work and sleep somewhere in my schedule...


  I'm pretty slow.  I've never really gotten much better.  Even when I was in decent running shape I was hovering around 5:30 per km.  Right now my pace is just under six minutes (9:35 per mile).  While building my base my goal will be simply to maintain my current pace.  After that I'd like to improve my pace by five seconds per km.  This would put me at an overage of 4:40 per km  (7:30 per mile) by September.  Really I would just be happy to be able to finish a 10k in less than 50 minutes.  

  I've got no idea how reasonable or aggressive this goal is.  It's completely arbitrary but that's the way these sort of goals go most the time apparently..

I've created a spreadsheet to keep track of progress for these goals (because I like number and graphs) and added a strava widget here to keep me motivated by avoiding public humiliation.

Charity Miles

  I recently started using Charity Miles an app which encourages you to run, walk and bike more miles in order to raise money for the charity of your choice.  I have two goals here.  First to help the Sole Hope team reach 50,000 miles.  Sole Hope has  formed a team to demonstrate they have supporters who would like to use the app to support their charity.  They do great work and it's my main goal to show that they have enough support for the app to add them as a charity. Secondarily, I'd like to help Soles4Souls reach $25,000 in donations.  They have a somewhat similar mission as Sole Hope, though I'd argue that Sole Hope goes about it in a much more interesting and effective way.

Cold season running goals

  Don't be such a sissy and get out there and run.  Or at least swallow my pride and get on a treadmill.


  1. Daniel, Well said, well written and easy to relate to as a runner. What motivates you, what drives you and ultimately what do you when you get lost in when you run. It's hard to explain when you can run a marathon in October but have a hard time running a 5k in march. Thanks for the reminder and the motivator. I ran 3 miles yesterday and am happy because I did not sad because I didn't go farther. Thanks, Aunt Karen

    1. In my experience running is one of those things where you either use it or lose it. Even if I just take a week off I feel like I have to "start all over again" building endurance.

      But you are right the really great thing about running is just the getting out there and letting your mind wonder while your legs just do the work. It's very meditative.