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April Goals Update

Running goals

Since setting some running goals for the year I've increased my weekly distance by about 10 km more or less meeting my target distance for each week.  I've also done better than I expected at improving my pace so far.  I participated in the Cherry Festival 10k run where I had a new personal record time for a 10k (57:46 according to strava).  

However, this last week I've started to feel sluggish and worn out every run.  I've been running three times a week since I started adding distance.  One of those runs for the last several weeks has been a 10k.  Last weeks pace was the first time since I started that I did not make my pace goal  I felt pretty miserable all week.  I think it's time to run four times a week at shorter distances and not have a weekly 10k until it's a necessity to reach 40k per week goal.  I'm only about half way through my goal of building up to that distance per week and I don't want to feel miserable the entire time.  So far this week 4 runs 7k or less feels much more manageable.

Writing goals

Dearest readers I have failed you!  I only contributed 3 blog posts to the cosmos last month.  I guess I should try for at least five this month.  Putting a sufficient amount of research and thought to make a well formed opinion is a lot more time consuming than its sounds.  I did write a first draft for a little short story which is none too exciting and will probably never see the outside of my drive folder,.  Better than nothing which is really my goal I suppose.


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It’s warming up and the sun has been shining (kind of). You could almost say it was running season.  I have to admit however, at the when it first started warming up this year I was dreading starting to run.  Memories of last year's misery haunted me and I was seriously contemplating giving the whole thing up.  Ultimately I did give running one another shot.
So how are things going this year?Pretty darn well actually. Better than ever even! This year I’ve earned PRs for every distance Strava keeps track of, I haven’t suffered any injuries and I’m genuinely enjoying myself. This is much better than last year. Last year I had a short and fairly miserable season, plagued with injuries.

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